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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Understanding the Dimensions.

---Today I'm going to share with you my comprehension and understanding of the dimensions, this will ALL be text so please bear with me. This is some very heavy stuff, and you WILL have to think about it. I hope you enjoy it and it makes you think, this is pretty interesting and fun! ---


0-d: A point on a piece of paper, it is a representation.

1-d: Draw another point, and connect them. You now have a line, or a part of a line that extends forever. This represents LENGTH. 

2-d: Draw a point outside of the line, this represents a ray, or if you draw two outside and connect them, another line. All the space between these lines and all the possibilities create a plane. We know this second dimension as width.
(Important note: When we add new dimensions, we are including ALL previous dimensions, so technically this is LENGTH PLUS WIDTH.

3-d: This is the easiest to understand for us, because we perceive existence in three dimensions. Take the plane and turn it vertically so it appears as a line. Now add another point, the connection between the second dimension and this point create an infinite amount of planes, which is the third dimensions, or HEIGHT.


4-d: Now take all the previous dimensions, and imagine them as a point. They represent all physicality, now take another point and connect them. They each represent a physicality, but duration has passed between them because physical matter changes, and they create a line. We know it as TIME. (PHYSICALITY (HEIGHT/LENGTH/WIDTH) PLUS TIME.) PLEASE THINK OF "TIME" AS A SINGLE LINE.

(For easier comprehension of further dimensions, I represent the first three dimensions as a "physicality" instead of giving examples of certain things, because time encompasses all things.)

5-d: Remember how I said to envision time as a line between two physicalities? Just how we jumped from the 2nd to the 3rd dimension, we are going to draw another point outside of the line. The ray that is created represents a possibility, and the fifth dimension is ALL POSSIBILITIES OF ONE TIME LINE. So it's like a line that branches off into rays that represent the possibilities of that time line. (ONE LINE OF TIME AND ALL BRANCHING POSSIBILITIES (TIME PLUS BRANCHES PLUS PHYSICALITY.)) This also is where "time travel" becomes real, as it is bending a line to travel between points (but only in all the possibilities of ONE line.)

6-d: If the fifth dimension is a line with rays extending from it, what if there is another line (with different rays) in time that is NOT reachable from any of the possibilities of the original? For example, let's say you want to become an expert musician, however you are already near the end of your life and all the possibilities that exist in your time line WILL NOT allow this. Even going BACK in this line, you would not be able to become an expert musician. You would have to travel to another line, with different branches that DO allow it. This jumping from line to line represents ALL POSSIBILITIES OF ALL TIME LINES. (THE "PLANE" OF TIME PLUS PHYSICALITY. THIS IS ALSO KNOWN AS A "UNIVERSE".)

(Okay, so far we understand PHYSICALITY, and that time is a line, traveling from one point on that line to another is the fifth dimension (including rays) and traveling from one line of time to another is the sixth.)


7-d: Now we are going to imagine another line, but in this line the sixth dimension is a point. So ALL possibilities of all times in physicality is one point. So for us, it's all possible time lines in our universe. The OTHER point is a different universe that is created with different laws and rules. So essentially it is a connection between two universes, which goes beyond time travel into travel between different universes. (ONE UNIVERSE CONNECTED TO ANOTHER. ("PLANE" OF TIME PLUS PHYSICALITY CONNECTED TO ANOTHER "PLANE" OF TIME PLUS PHYSICALITY.)

8-d: Remember how I said that TIME is a line, just as the seventh dimension is? The 8th dimension is reached the same way as we reach the 5th from the 4th. We are adding a point outside of the line, which creates a ray.  This is represents ONE UNIVERSE PLUS ALL UNIVERSES CONNECTED TO IT VIA A RAY. (I will no longer refer to time or physicality, as we know that is what a universe encompasses).

9-d: Now remember how with the third, and sixth dimension ,we are reaching points outside of a line and all the rays connected to them? This is the same thing, but because we there are no possibilities that define travel between universes, this would be like folding a line and a ray connected to it, so instead of traveling to that point, as you do through time, you could "jump" instantly between dimensions. We are not reaching a new point, just TRAVELING through the dimension that the point would appear on.

To make this easier to comprehend, grab a piece of paper. Draw a dot on one far side, then the other. If you fold it in half, you can travel "through" the paper (we are imagining there is a hole, because we are dealing with SPACE, not an actual piece of paper) to the other point, instantly. Notice that this not only works with universes as points, but it also works with time (traveling instantly from one time to another, or going to the 6th dimension), and physicality, (traveling instantly from one point of representation to another) all my folding the piece of paper. 

Before we attempt to comprehend the 10th dimension, let's discuss what a point is. As we used one point as a "representation" in the beginning, we connected it to another and drew an infinite amount of lines that represent physicality. Next, we took all of physicality, and made it a point, then connected it to another, to represent all physicality in a different state, or time. We took all possibilities/lines of time and made that a point, and called it a universe. We connected it to another and create all the possibilities of all universes.

10-d: As we created all lines with all universes, we must take all timelines and physicalities and all universes, and make them one point. But if we are to continue, won't we need another point to connect it to? There are no more points, and we end here at the tenth dimension: a point, or as we comprehend it, the omni-verse. ALL UNIVERSES, TIMELINES/POSSIBILITIES, AND PHYSICALITIES.

---I hope you found this an interesting read, if you are confused PLEASE TRY AND DRAW THIS OUT! Read my descriptions and draw it, it will make a lot more sense. If you have ANY questions please ask below and I will try and explain it. I look forward to any questions about the dimensions you have, and I hope you got a little "mindfucked"!. ---


PS: Youtube "the dimensions" if you want to see a visual representation of this!


  1. I once watched that youtube video you mention, and while I kind of got it, I don't really get it. It doesn't stick in the mind. I admire anyone who can make sense of such a complex idea as the many dimensions.

  2. After 4d.. My mind was sufficiently blown. I've bookmarked this to give it a second read later. But i found your descriptions of each interesting and clear. Cheers

  3. is it weird that i found this post a lot weird but appealing and understandable at the same time?

  4. A very clear explanation. It's appreciated.